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The starting point

I have organized a few projects with the introduction of Autonomous vehicles in mind. 


Throughout the 20th century, automobiles became the primary option for transportation in most countries, bringing a dramatic shift in urban landscape. However, the nature of transportation did not change by a large margin. For most, travel still involves an input, whether it’s steering a horse or pushing a gas pedal, and an output; the horse turns, and the car speeds up. Autonomy fundamentally changes that nature. 


As technology advances, and societies begin to adopt autonomous vehicles, many difficulties will arise. These difficulties stem from three primary needs in transportation, safety, time and comfort. Thus in order for people to adopt autonomous vehicles, these needs will have to be met. Furthermore, I believe these needs come in its own hierarchy, and we need to be meet them in a sequence.


I have designated a project for each of these needs, as well as a general timeline of where they fall into.

honda go
Lexus LF-C
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